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CoffeePals is a Microsoft Teams App that actively matches two people to meet over a coffee (virtually). Start new conversations and build deeper relationships to create engagement across your organization.

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Our User's Words

“In times of the pandemic, CoffeePals is the perfect tool to keep regular contact with all colleagues. You wouldn't have taken the time without this tool.”

Markus Haas - Managing Director of Fonial GmbH

How does it work?

We miss making those in-office connections. Here's how CoffeePals will bring that back.

Grow deeper connections within your team

The CoffeePals app matches colleagues together on a regular basis. Team members can meet one-on-one or in a group over a video chat and a coffee.

Get teams talking to each other

Cross team communication is important. Set up matches across different teams to grow connections and promote better collaboration between teams.

See how your teams and company are connecting

View a dashboard with matching analytics and history to see how your employees are connecting with one another.

CoffeePals is more than just spontaneous meetings...

These extra features will make working from home feel like the office, but don't worry, you won't have to change out of your sweatpants (or underwear)!


It can be hard to meet teammates when working remote. CoffeePals bot makes these cold introductions for you so you can focus on building the connections.

Coffee Maker

"If you could have a super power, what would it be?". Have questions like these posted in a community channel to get your team talking. It's basically a conversation you'd have around the coffee maker, but instead, online.

Team Based Connections [Coming Soon]

You want the product team and the marketing team to connect more? Configure the app so that people from any two teams meet on a regular basis.

Meet with the CEO [Coming Soon]

Run a random draw to have one person from your company meet with the CEO every week.

Grow your teams' connections now!

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