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How do I install the app?

View the app listing in the Microsoft Teams app directory by clicking the button below!

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How do I set up matching?

We recommend creating a dedicated team in Microsoft Teams for coffee chats.

    1. In Microsoft Teams, go to the Teams tab and click Join or create a team
    2. Go to the Apps tab and click on CoffeePals
    3. Click on Add to a team and select the team you just created

All the members of the team will now be matched in pairs every Tuesday.

Can I change the matching day?

Yes! In the teams settings tab in the dashboard, select a team and click match settings. You can then choose the match day, time and frequency.

How do I stop matching?

Individual users can opt out of matching by leaving the team where CoffeePals is installed to. They can also message CoffeePals with the command disable-matching to opt out of matching.

To disable matching for the entire team, remove CoffeePals from the team by going to Manage Team and Apps or disable it in the team settings page of the dashboard.

What is the matching schedule?

Free tier matches are sent every Tuesday at 10 am PST.

Pro users can customize the match schedule. This includes the time and frequency of the matches. Choose from every week to 4 week matches.

How can I contact you?

You can give us feedback right inside Teams! Just send a private message to the CoffeePals bot using the command “feedback”, for example: Feedback it’s a great app! You can also visit our support page.

Alternatively, email us at

How do I view the dashboard?

Send a private message to the CoffeePals bot with the word “dashboard”. This will send you a link which automatically logs you into the app. It's almost like magic!

How do I update billing information?

Send a private message to the CoffeePals bot with the word “dashboard”. Then navigate to the Billing page. Here you can manage your subscription and change your plan for the organization.

I didn't receive the login email. What do I do?

Make sure you entered the correct email. If you did, check your spam or junk folder, sometimes they end up in there!

I added the bot to a channel and it's matching my whole team! What do I do?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams does not allow you to add bots to a specific channel. Instead, when you try and add the bot to a channel, it adds it for the whole team.

We recommend removing the bot from the team, creating a new team called CoffeePals, and inviting members or post a join message in your general team that says the following:

"Hi everyone,
Do you like drinking coffee and making new friends ☕? Because we just installed a new Teams bot called CoffeePals that lets you do just that. Join the CoffeePals team and you'll get paired with a new coffee pal every Tuesday🤝.

Maybe you don't like coffee, you can take a walk🚶🏽, grab lunch 🍱 or show them your super cool rock collection🪨. We just want to help everyone get to know each other better.

If you find it's just not for you, leave the team and you will no longer be matched😎.

We really hope you give it a try! We are excited for you all to meet one another and make friends 🌈!"

How do I log in to the dashboard / web app?

To log in to the dashboard, simply open the personal chat with the CoffeePals bot and type Dashboard. This will send you a secure login link directly to the dashboard. You will be authenticated in the browser for 14 days. If the link expires, simply issue another dashboard command.

The first person to access the dashboard becomes the first admin. Any other users who try and access the dashboard will need an invitation. To add admins to your organization, go to the organization settings tab and click Add Member. Ensure that you use the exact email that is used by teams when sending invitations. You can have as many admins as you need. Members can accept an admin invitation through the message we send in teams or via their email.

How do I enable/disable Coffee Maker?

To enable Coffee Maker: In the team chat where the app is installed, type @coffeePals enable-coffeemaker.

To disable Coffee Maker: In the team chat where the app is installed, type @coffeepals disable-coffeemaker

Alternatively, type @coffeepals help in the team chat to give you the option to enable and disable Coffee Maker and Matching.

*Note that only admins can change these settings. To add admins to the platform, go to the organization settings tab in the dashboard.

Once a set of matches have been sent for the cycle, do people who join after the cycle is complete get matched up subsequently for that cycle or are they included in the next cycle?

i.e. Frequency set-up for Tuesday at 10am but a couple of users join at 11am on Tuesday. Will they be matched, or will they have to wait for the following Tuesday at 10am?

They will have to wait until the next match cycle. In the example above, this would be the following Tuesday.

What happens if there are an odd number of CoffeePals? Is there a group of 3 or does one person miss out for that week?

If the group size is 2 and there is an odd number of CoffeePals, one person is left out. If there is a group size of larger than two, we decrease the group size to make as many groups as possible.

Ie. if there are 5 people in a team and the group size is 3, we will create one group of 3 and one group of 2.

How do I change the match group size?

Pro users can change the match group size in the team settings of the dashboard. Match group sizes can be as small as 2 people to as large as 5 people.

To change the match group size, click the team settings tab, find the team you want to change the group size of and then click the match settings tab. It looks like this:

How do I set up cross-group matching?

Pro users can match users across multiple groups. Have your product team match with your marketing team or have new hires meet existing employees

To set up cross-group matching, click the team settings tab, find the team you want to change, then click the match settings tab. Scroll down to find matching type and select cross-group matching. Input the names of each group, then hit save. This will send a message to all users on the team asking them which team they belong to.

Note that users who don't answer this question will not be matched.

Some or all of my team didn't receive a personal message with their match. Why?

In most cases, you have not yet allowed the app to message all the users in your team. To do this, go to the Microsoft Teams admin center, click Team apps > Setup policies and allow CoffeePals to message your users. To learn more about how to do this, follow this link.

How do I remove the app?

We're sorry to see you go 😞. Please email and let us know how we can do better.

To remove the app, simply click the three dots beside the team name that has the CoffeePals app installed, then click manage team. In the top bar, you will see a tab called Apps , go to that tab and find CoffeePals. Click the little garbage can icon next to CoffeePals to remove it.

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