Coffee Meetings for Microsoft Teams

CoffeePals is a bot that connects people in a company. It randomly matches two people to meet over a coffee (virtually). We're making those in-office connections happen in a remote world.

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How does it work?

We miss making those in office connections. Here's how CoffeePals will bring that back.

Grow deeper connections within your team

The CoffeePals bot matches colleagues together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Team members can get to know one another on a personal level over a video chat and a coffee.

Get teams talking to each other

Cross team communication is important. Set up matches across different teams to grow connections and promote better collaboration between teams.

See how your company is connecting

View a dashboard with in-depth metrics to see how your employees are connecting with one another.

Our User's Words

“Adding CoffeePals to our team has made all the difference. It opened up the possibility for people to actually get to know one another at work which has been really hard since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Amy G. - Director of People Ops

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